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Helping Others Overcome Disparities is a 501c3 non-profit organization that utilizes faith-based principles to empower at-risk youth and adults to become productive, responsible, and engaged participants in their community.



We know that having faith in God gives you the courage to believe in your own abilities.


We teach families the necessary skills to foster healthy relationships and strengthen the family structure.


We help clients identify their goals and provide them with convenient and affordable educational services.


Meaningful and long-lasting impact is achieved through the collective efforts of many.

"Limited destiny can become unlimited through faith."

Leadership Weekend

LEADERSHIP WEEKEND MISSION - Leadership Weekend is an All-inclusive leadership experience for young men. We provide participants access and a clear vision to the opportunities outside of their environment. We expose participants to college, big business, entrepreneurship, team building, basketball tournaments, breakout sessions, community service, and more!

"If you teach a man to fish... Knowledge affords everyone the opportunity to succeed in life."

Youth Programs


High-risk youth and young adults participate in a structured program that includes educational support, peer counseling, group outings, career and personal development.

champion of choices

The goal is to rekindle participants’ commitment to making the right choices, while encouraging them to view education and personal development as the keys to success.

Let's grab a bite

Let’s Grab a Bite is a mentoring program that establishes trusting and positive relationships by pairing volunteers with at-risk youth from local schools.

Young Kings Leadership Series

Our monthly Virtual Leadership Series, provides a safe space for young men ages 11-18 the opportunity to connect, grow, and be heard. During each session mentors engage with youth in large and small group settings. Each session highlights a specific social emotional, entrepreneurial, and leadership area.

"Family is a circle of strength; founded on faith, joined in love, to be kept together forever."

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